Welcome to Wild Indigo Coyote! We are psychic readers, teachers, and then some located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As teachers we offer a variety of classes in psychic development and each October we hold the Midwest Witches Conference.

Hi everyone ~ we want to let you all know that due to virus concerns we are suspending classes, reading days and Witches Cauldron Gatherings until May. Please stay safe! Jennifer, Lori and Deb

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    March 26, 2020

    18:00 -20:30
    The Cherry Building 329 10th Ave SE Suite 115 Cedar Rapids IA, 52401

    Due to virus concerns we are suspending classes, reading days and Witches Cauldron Gatherings until May. 


    Join Wild Indigo Coyote to learn about broom/besom lore, traditions and history. Discover who Broomstick Deities are as well as the role brooms play in spellwork and magickal practices. Learn how to consecrate, bless and generally care for your magickal broom. You will have the opportunity to decorate and bless a broom to take home.

    Class Fee: $30   Optional Materials Fee:  $20

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    March 29, 2020

    21:00 -23:00

    The Witches are back and have a fun conversation brewing in their cauldrons!
    Jennifer Bishop, Deb Kuehne, and Jerri Wolfe of the Witches Cauldron Gathering – in association with Wild Indigo Coyote,
    are back to discuss a few different topics, then see where the evening takes us!

    7:00 pm Pacific, 9:00 pm Central, 10:00 pm Eastern!

    Links for listening and chat:

    We may talk about the history of the commercialized green witch and how that originated, along with older practices that kept witchcraft hidden in plain sight.

    We could talk about the differences between witches, todays shamans, and light workers

    We may also talk about interesting psychic readings and how that correlates to witchcraft – also called riding the fence

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Keynote Speaker Laura Tempest Zakroff