Animal Totems @ Kirkwood Community College

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Every person has an animal totem.  Animal totems contain a natural power that can allow you to see, love and know more of the earth, life and yourself.  In this class we will cover the meanings and power of totem animals.  You will participate in a guided meditation to introduce you to your animal totem.  You will also learn how to work with your animal to enhance your well-being.  Optional $15 materials fee for a pocket Animal Speaks book by Ted Andrews. 

Cost of the class is $29 with an option to purchase the pocket edition of Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews.


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    In this class we will address how to identify and reclaim your intuition. We are all born with innate psychic instincts that can present in a multitude of ways. We will discuss what it means to be an empath and the different types of psychic abilities. We will cover basic items such as energetic protection, meditation and practice some energy exercises that will help you in developing or at least understanding your abilities. While this class is an introductory level, we will be offering additional classes with exercises that will build on this foundation and allow you to understand your potential for personal growth and empowerment.

    The cost of the class is $29.