Over The Cauldron-“The Accidental Celebration”

I am a first time Grandma and could not be more in love with my new little grandson! He is the bright spot in my day and even when I am doing something mundane, my soul is focused on sending him blessings and energy. I am a bit over the top when it comes to him, so is it any surprise that I may be a bit distracted when it comes to other obligations or activities lol!


Today is September 21st and he is officially 1 month old. Considering he came into the world 4 weeks early, I find this to be a momentous celebration full of appreciation and thanks for what we have been given. I told my husband first thing in the morning that we must go visit him to celebrate his 1 month birthday. Like I said, I’m a bit over the top on this…

But first, I had many to do’s that needed attending. I had to go buy pumpkins, and a new autumn wreath for the door. It was crucial that I get the fall decorations out and setup. I felt the need to acquire new fall candles to set throughout the house. We have meat on the smoker, and I’m looking to purchase nuts and seeds for us, and the squirrels. I’m itching to bake pumpkin cookies and get that beautiful aroma in my home. After all of this, then I go and cuddle and love my grandson and give thanks.

When I got home, I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, but wasn’t sure why really. Then I opened Facebook and immediately saw a post from a fellow witch wishing all of us a Blessed Mabon!

Well shit… I had completely forgotten about Mabon and didn’t have any plans and hadn’t made any preparations to celebrate. What made it worse to me is that the Autumn Equinox is one of my favorite celebrations and I hadn’t spent any time focusing on it. Thanks 2020…

After spending a bit of time chastising myself for being disorganized and a bit of a lazy witch, I centered in and felt my soul connect with the earth and travel down to seat within the roots of the trees, feeling the heartbeat of Gaia. I started off very apologetic and expressed my concern over not being more attentive.  Instead of the cooing forgiveness I was hoping for, I received a distinct laugh along with a rebuke to stop being so dramatic. I shit you not, Mother Gaia can be a straight talker.

It was made very clear to me that my soul was already in tune and I was already preparing and celebrating the Autumn Equinox and Mabon. Of course you don’t have to be over the top, you don’t even have to take any action to celebrate overtly, but if your soul is connected to the earth you will automatically be a part of the celebration. No legalism required. Sometimes it is beautiful to let things organically unfold and be a bit of a lazy witch.

Blessed Autumn Equinox and Mabon!  – Jennifer (Solace)