Location:The Cherry Building 329 10th Ave SE Suite 115 Cedar Rapids IA, 52401

Upcoming events

  • 2019-05-09 18:00 - 2019-05-09 20:30

    Nature sends big messages alerting us to things like earthquakes and tornadoes. But there are a multitude of subtle signs that give personal messages to us. We will look at how to recognize and interpret these signs.

    Cost of class $30

  • 2019-06-13 18:00 - 2019-06-13 20:30

    Come learn what you can do with many of the wonderful "weeds: found in our beautiful state. We will look at Elderberry, Red Clover, Mullein, Plantain and Goldenrod to name a few. You will learn how to identify each plant as well as when and where to harvest, how to store, what a tincture is and how to make your own tincture or oil. Learn what our ancestors knew about the benefits of these marvelous plants and make a tincture or oil of your choice to take home.

    Cost of class - $30

  • 2019-07-11 18:00 - 2019-07-11 20:30

    Have you wondered about reincarnation and questioned where this concept originated from and why it persists?  This topic can bring out strong opinions and tie into personal belief systems.  The purpose of this class is to take a look at the history, a sampling of cultural views, along with a review of supporting case studies that have been documented by leading researchers in this fascinating field.  Please join us while we discuss this thought provoking topics.

    The cost of the class is $29. To register please click on the link below.

  • 2019-09-12 18:00 - 2019-09-12 20:30

    Why do we dream and what do dreams mean? Learn the different types of dreams and how to identify them.  Find out why dreams are necessary and the steps to remembering your dreams.

    Cost of class - $30

  • 2019-10-10 18:00 - 2019-10-10 20:30

    Sigils are a symbol or image that is created in order to harness the deep powers of intention and desire. They are used for everything from communication to magic. Come learn the beauty and power of Sigils ~ and craft your own personal Sigil.

    Cost  of class - $30

  • 2019-10-24 18:00 - 2019-10-24 20:30

    Do you wonder what the difference between a Lightworker, a Shaman and a Witch is? In this class we will cover exactly that. We will discuss the historic commonalities as well as their differences. We will also discuss how the directions and elements are used in rituals, ceremonies and healings.

    Cost of class - $30

  • 2019-11-14 18:00 - 2019-11-14 20:30

    In this class we will address the difference between Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors.  You will learn how to work with them in various aspects of your life. We will cover the history and cultural differences of all three. You will participate in a guided meditation meant to introduce you to your Guides, Angels and/or Ancestors.

    Cost of class - $30